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10 Things Plumbers Don’t Tell You (But You Should Ask About)

Introduction: Plumbers are helpful and very handle but sometimes they can be costly and timely. Read the ten tips that plumbers do not tell you. From not trusting labels to learning how to turn off the main turnoff source these ten tips will guide you.

1. Do not always trust the labels which say “flushable”

Aim not to always take these labels for face-value. Often “flushable” wipes or even tampons. Both do not tend to break down like toilet paper! An object will get stuck between the trap and may cause blockage. Think twice before you disposal of items which claim to be flushable. Hot water maintenance central coast will be able to assist you if a clog does occur.

2. Do not pour cooking grease down your drain

Never pour fat straight down the drain. Wipe down your pans with paper towels and put them in the compost or pour the fat into tin foil over the drain. Grease can easily accumulate and overtime become hard and clog your drains. In this instance seek help from central coast plumbers.

3. Hire a plumber before you purchase

If you are looking to purchase a home or a new appliance hire a plumber at central coast plumbers before you do so. This is important because your central coast plumbers can inspect your underground drain system to ensure everything is working as it should. Hiring a plumber could save you thousands of dollars down the track.

4. Learn where the main turnoff source is

If your house is flooding and you do not know what to do, be sure to locate and learn how to use the main turnoff source. Every homeowner should know this as it could save your possessions in the instance of an emergency. Next time you have your central coast plumbers at your property, be sure to ask them where it is if you have trouble.

5. Ditch the potent drain cleaners

Although it may seem like a smart idea to clean your drains with a harsh drain cleaner, often this can cause more problems. Using potent chemicals to dissolve a clog down a drain is not going to work. Instead use baking soda and vinegar followed by boiling water and this should solve the problem. If not, seek a plumber central coast.

6. Be cautious with long hair or shredding hair

If you have long hair or your partner does purchase a drain strainer or a hair snare to ensure bathroom drains do not get clogged. When your bathroom drains get clogged avoid paying a pricey fee to hire a plumber and do it yourself instead. Although, sometimes a clogged drain can happen regardless of what measures are in this place. If this happens seek an expert from central coast plumbers.

7. Watch out how you are paying your plumber

Pay your central coast plumbers by the job not by the hour. This will save you time and money and is one of the most important tips you can learn!

8. Plumbers might if you ask..

Sometimes it is outside a plumber’s job to do things such as remove flow inhibitors from your show head. However, if you ask the next time your central coast plumbers are around (they may do it!).

9. Is your toilet handle coming loose?

This is easy to fix and the part costs $4. Most call-out fees to plumbers are $100+ and you can save both time and money by doing it yourself instead of calling plumbers central coast.

10. Sometimes you do not need to call a central coast plumber

Your Allen wrench will be your best friend when it comes to simple repairs. When your garbage disposal jams, use the Allen wrench and follow the directions in the manual.