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A Central Coast Plumbers Advice On: Unblocking A Drain

At one point or another in your life, and that of your home and it’s plumbing, will you encounter a blocked drain. It seems a simple problem with a simple solution – just unblock it, right? However, all good Central Coast plumbers will tell you that jamming a plunger in there and dealing with the issue yourself is not always the smartest thing to do. Sometimes it’s a quick fix, but more often than not these seemingly simple issues can turn out to require much more than you initially thought.


1. There’s advice all over the internet from a lot of people who aren’t Central Coast plumbers about how to unblock a drain. Some of it is good advice, but like a lot of things posted online, there are a lot of things that you shouldn’t necessarily listen to. Some people will recommend pouring chemicals such as thinners or solvents into blocked drains in order to clear them. Whilst easy to find in stores, many of these chemicals can pose a threat to your pipes and plumbing, and can result in issues such as corrosion, rust and fumes, especially if used in conjunction with other chemicals. Even though these chemicals will often state to be friendly on your pipes, that’s not always the case – so for anyone who is thinking they might need a plumber Central Coast residents can trust, then give us a call instead of reaching for the bleach.


2. All good Central Coast plumbers will have professional tools that they rely on to do whatever plumbing job it is that comes their way. The likelihood is that most homes will not have these same tools to hand, which come in very handy for common jobs such as blocked drains! Using tools that aren’t built for the job at hand is a great way to cause damage to your fixtures and pipe – if you have to use an implement to get at a blockage, then it’s at the point where it’s better to trust the plumbers Central Coast residents rely on for these sorts of jobs to come and handle it.


3. Following on from that, deep blockages may simply be too far down for you to reach and adequately remove. If the clog has moved further away from the drain, then chances are whatever implement you stick down after it will only push it further. Some deep blockages are cause by root systems, ground-related pipe issues or problems with your sewage – all of which is inadvisable for the average home owner to tackle! Do the sensible thing, and let an experienced plumber Central Coast homes and families can trust to get the job done right, the first time.


But you can do several things to prevent these blockages and clogs from happening in the first place!

All good Central Coast plumbers will tell you: never flush anything that isn’t toilet paper or waste down your drains – including creams, lotions or ointments. Always avoid flushing things that might be biodegradable like rinds, fruit skins, vegetable products shells, nuts and seeds down any drains too – they belong in the bin! Keep your pipes clean by regularly rinsing them with baking soda mixed with vinegar and hot hot water – and for anything else, call your trusted Central Coast plumbers here at Advantage Hot Water Plumbing.