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Advice For Every Hot Water System Central Coast Wide!

We live in a country permanently affected by droughts, hot weather and infrequent rain – and yet, accessing hot water regularly is something we all take for granted! Having constant access to hot water, and a reliable hot water system Central Coast homes can rely on is something that we don’t ever give a passing thought to – but when things go awry, it makes a big difference to our daily lives

Living on the Central Coast hot water and regular water access is not something that we typically worry much about. However, in this post-covid environment it’s essential that we do everything we can to look after and maintain our hot water service and plumbing set up for the good our ourselves, our family and our health.

When it comes time for hot water repairs Central Coast plumbers can be quick to recommend installing a new unit – but we want to give you the knowledge and advice that you can use to maintain your hot water unit, and give it the best chance of having a long and productive life.

1. One of the very first signs that will give you an idea as to the capabilities of your hot water service is also one of the simplest; the age of your hot water unit! Any hot water system Central Coast residents may own will be affected by its age, and some worse than others. You should be able to work out how old your hot water system is by examining the unit itself and looking for the serial number and manufacturer sticker.

2. Generally speaking, if a hot water system is older than ten years, then it needs to be examined regularly to make sure that it is performing up to standard. After this ten year period is for when most hot water repairs Central Coast residents need to make, and when most replacement installations start to occur.

3. Take the time to actually look at the water coming out of your taps – does the hot water look different to the cold water? Are there differences in colour, consistency, or feel? A tell-tale sign that any Central Coast hot water expert will tell you is that if your hot water coming out of your taps and pipes looks rusty, then it’s very probably the right time to make a replacement upgrade. If it starts with rust, then that means that a leak won’t be too far behind. No hot water system Central Coast -wide is immune to the ravages of rust!

4. Another issue that can affect every and any hot water system Central Coast -wide is sediment. As water heating units get older, the more sediment you will be able to find at the bottom of the tank itself. As time goes by, this sediment begins to thicken, harden and create issues with your hot water unit, which results in your system needing to work harder and harder to just continue doing the same job it has always done. The more a system over works, the more common it is to hear noises such as rumbling, clanking, banging and thumping – so keep your ears open just as much as your eyes! If it doesn’t sound right, Central Coast hot water experts will tell you that it probably isn’t.

5. One of the most obvious tell-tale signs that we haven’t yet discussed is the most classic one of them all – leaks! A hot water system or unit with a serious flaw somewhere within it is one that has leaks, and at that point it’s time to find someone who can provide hot water repairs Central Coast residents can rely on. Leaks can really create damage to your floors, outdoor areas, walls and utility closets if left for a long time – so save yourself some money and stress by regularly keeping your eyes out for leaks.

Does any of this sound like it could be a problem for you? You’re not the only one. There are countless issues affecting every hot water system Central Coast -wide, and if you’ve identified an issue in your system then do yourself and your home a favour and find yourself a plumber to make hot water repairs Central Coast homes and residents can rely on! Get in touch with us anytime at Advantage Hot Water Plumbing, and we’ll talk through your system with you to work out how best to service and fix your plumbing needs. With free quotes on all jobs, you can trust the team at Advantage Hot Water Plumbing.