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Quality Plumbing Services For Commercial Clients

At Advantage Hot Water Maintenance & Plumbing, we offer repair, upgrade, and maintenance services to commercial clients throughout the Central Coast region.
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Commercial Plumbing Repairs
We know the important role plumbing plays in your business and how leaks or clogs can impact your customer service. Whether you have a cozy boutique or busy warehouse, our extensive experience and knowledge will ensure your plumbing is operating at its best.
Commercial Hot Water

Commercial hot water systems must operate at a much higher capacity compared to residential systems. This is why businesses must be very careful in choosing the ideal system that will meet their needs. Our team has many decades of combined experience in the water heating industry. We can talk you through the various models that we believe would best suit your business, workplace or commercial space. Then our professionals can get to work on the installation at your location.

Commercial Electrical Services

We also offer commercial electrical services for stove installations, power points, and light switches. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members of Central Coast plumbers are happy to answer any questions you may have and are also happy to provide you with a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Will I have to close my business for repairs?
We understand that downtime may mean that you’re not generating income. While in many cases we can work during business hours, we may need to turn the water off to complete the job. We’re also happy to work around your business hours to minimise the impact of our presence.
How can I reduce the need for expensive plumbing repairs?
The best way to reduce expensive repair bills is to have the plumbing and hot water heater checked and maintained regularly. If your business depends on water to operate (like restaurants and day care centres, for examples), we recommend having your plumbing serviced every season. For businesses that do not depend on plumbing to operate (like retail stores or office buildings), twice a year is recommended.
How can I tell if my business's plumbing system needs to be repaired?
Aside from obvious leaks, a lot of people will notice a foul odour in a general area. Odd noises are also indicators that it’s time to call a licensed professional. We recommend calling us at the first sign of any concerns, before small problems become big ones.
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