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Central Coast Residential Plumbing

At Advantage Hot Water Maintenance & Plumbing, we offer a wide variety of services to residential clients, such as homeowners and tenants, throughout the Central Coast region. Whether you’re renovating or need repairs, our skilled craftspeople possess the knowledge and expertise to make sure your home’s plumbing is performing reliably.

We’re dedicated to your satisfaction and will provide a clear explanation of the issue and transparent pricing. We also offer support after the project is complete, to ensure we can assist with any follow-up questions or queries
How We Can Help You

We provide the following services to assist with any plumbing and hot water concerns you may have for your home:

Electrical residential work – stoves, light switches, & power points Water leaks can present a serious issue, both in terms of inconvenience and damage to your home. A modest leak may not seem like an urgent issue, but water dripping in your home could damage the property’s foundation over time.

Leaks also cost you money, as they cause your water usage to increase each month. Nip leaks in the bud by connecting with experienced plumbers at Advantage Hot Water Plumbing in Central Coast.
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Frequently Asked Questions
I bought a new toilet for my bathroom. Can you come and install it?
Yes. In addition to our hot water installation services, we offer quality fixture installation. Whether you’re replacing only the toilet or are remodelling the entire bathroom, our skilled team members will handle the job quickly and at an affordable price.
My bathroom taps are leaking and won’t turn off. Can you fix this?
Yes. Our experienced team will arrive promptly and accurately assess the cause of the leak. After consulting with you, all the repairs will be completed to get your taps working at their best.
A pipe burst under my vanity. What should I do?
If water is pouring out very quickly and you are unable to shut off the line to your vanity, you can turn off the main supply to your house. Then give us a call. With our emergency plumbing services, we’ll fix or replace broken pipes in your bathroom or kitchen sink as soon as possible.
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